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  While many of the images created by Drawing On Safety are cartoon
and humorous in nature, you'll find that we...like you...take
safety very seriously.

Our focus? Workplace safety...illustrated! And we're here to lend a hand...

     Whether your role is new worker, veteran employee, safety supervisor or company president,
     you know that safe attitudes and practices need to be a part of every work day...

     ...and there's no better way to draw attention to safety materials than with powerful,
     thought-provoking graphics that convey a message. Your employees will stop,
     look and most important...think safety!

     We strive for a balance of images that 'speak' to all cultures while being conscious of female,
     ethnic and religious diversities.

     Our goal? To assist you in bringing your most valuable asset...your employees...safely home
     at the end of every work day.

     Together we are...


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