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  Workplace Safety
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Clip Art On Demand lets you choose only the graphics that you really need. Each image includes
a Hi-Res and a Lo-Res file, in full color, for all of your printed and on-screen safety materials. And...
Delivery via email gets these graphics to you - fast!
  Alcohol & Drugs Forklift & Lifting Devices Office Safety  
  Attitude Guards / Machine Safety Pinchpoints  
  Chemicals & Solvents Health & Wellness Personal Protective Equipment
  Close Call / Near Miss Horseplay Seasonal Safety  
  Communication / Training Housekeeping / 5S Security  
  Confined Space Industrial Trades / People Shiftwork  
  Electricity Ladders & Lifts Slips, Trips & Falls  
  Ergonomics Lifting & Back Care Teamwork  
  Excavation / Trenching Lockout / Tagout Tools  
  Fire Safety Materials Handling Transportation  
  First Aid Off-the-Job Safety    


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