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Cartoon Safety Posters with Slogans - Pg. 3
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Print as many posters as you need...when you need them! Size ranges from 8.5" x 11" to
17" x 22" depending on your printer capabilities...an easy, cost-effective solution for visual impact
in workplace health and safety initiatives. Poster files are delivered via email.
  attitude poster - coffee mug - safety leader - female - cartoon   Security - 'Check Credentials'   PPE - 'Footwear for Floor Hazards'   Ergonomics - 'What Gives...'  
  Attitude (female)   Security   PPE - Footwear   Ergonomics  
  attitude poster - coffee mug - safety leader - male - cartoon   Close Calls - 'Temporary Guardrails'   Tool Safety - 'Power Tool Safety'   Chemicals/WHMIS - 'Pay Attention to Labels'  
  Attitude (male)   Temporary Guardrail   Power Tool Safety   Chemicals (WHMIS)  
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