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  QuickPost Safety Posters / Clip Art Volume 1
~ Custom Edition ~     
  Topics on this CD include:  
    This CD includes:

  •25 QuickPost Posters 8.5" x 11"
  •25 Poster Templates 8.5" x11"
  •250 Additional Poster Slogans
  •25 Clip Art Images
  •25 Full Size Posters 17" x 22"
• Fire Safety
• Lifting & Backs
• Transportation
• Health • Hygiene
• Fall Protection
• Horseplay
• Attitude
• Materials Handling
• Chemical Safety
• Security
• Ergonomics
• Allergies
• Vacation Safety
• Power Tools
• Teamwork
  25 Ready to print Poster plus Clip Art packages...or Customize any Poster with your own Slogan using our easy MS Word Templates - just type and print.  
  Attitude Sample   Backs and Lifting Sample   PPE Sample   Teamwork Sample   Click
for Preview
  Attitude   Lifting   PPE   Teamwork    
  Request a free trial package from this CD!  
  This CD gives you all the graphics you need for comprehensive health and safety awareness and training
materials. The .jpg file format works effortlessly with any operating system and any editing
software (ie Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, InDesign, iWork, etc).
  Purchase with confidence thru    
   $49.95 CDN  FREE SHIPPING  


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